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Document is a quarterly publication that features some of the best documentary work supported and produced by the Center for Documentary Studies (CDS). "As with any true center, CDS serves as a meeting ground, a central gathering point for the exchange of ideas on the role of documentary studies in our collective community," director Tom Rankin wrote in the inaugural issue. "Document, we hope, will become a visible record and continuation of our regular gatherings, an important ingredient in our ongoing conversation about the work of the Center and also about innovation and ideas in documentary studies."

Each issue of Document includes a range of stories, for example, engaging interviews with photographers and other documentarians from across the United States and abroad who are working locally, in their own communities; a sampling of documentary work—photography, film/video, audio, writing, and multimedia—produced by students of all ages who take classes at CDS; information about and images from books and exhibitions produced by CDS; news about documentary film and radio projects from around the world; ideas for creating your own documentary projects; and much more.

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