The Center for Documentary Studies offers a wide range of courses for adults who are interested in learning to do their own documentary work. These documentary arts courses, available through flexible admission with reasonable fees, involve instruction in photography, film/video, audio, narrative writing, and other creative media. Special topics and subjects such as documentary traditions, techniques, fieldwork theory, and the ethics involved in conducting and presenting documentary work are also covered. These hands-on courses help adults achieve their goals of completing a first project or refining an ongoing project. All courses are designed to help students explore concepts in documentary arts and apply them to their own work. Classes are offered during the evening or on weekends to accommodate the schedules of working adults. Summer intensive institutes, as well as online classes, are also available.

This open-admissions adult education program includes the option of earning a Certificate in Documentary Arts; a two-year distance-learning certificate track is available for non-local students. 
Students register for all classes through this site: http://register.asapconnected.com/Default.aspx?org=112

If you don’t have this link handy, you can always find the registration site from the main menu at the top of any page, via Classes > Continuing Education Courses, or via links on the right-hand side of the homepage. 
Another useful URL is cdscourses.org, which will direct you to the Continuing Education page on the main CDS website. 
The email address you choose to use to login into the registration site will be the primary means through which the Center for Documentary Studies (CDS) will contact you. Our registration site will track your course and payment history. Please read the refund policy carefully. Some institutes and workshops may require a non-refundable deposit.

To contact Continuing Education at the Center for Documentary Studies, please call 919.660.3670 or email

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