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Veiled Rebellion: Women in Afghanistan
Photographs by Lynsey Addario

Exhibition Dates: February 9–April 18, 2015
Center for Documentary Studies, Juanita Kreps Gallery
1317 W. Pettigrew St., Durham, North Carolina 

Note: An event at CDS with Lynsey Addario scheduled for February 24 has been canceled due to unanticipated scheduling conflicts.

Photojournalist Lynsey Addario made her first trip to Afghanistan in 2000 to document the lives of women under the Taliban, when, she says, the only women on the streets were beggars, most educated women in the cities spent their days behind closed doors in family compounds, and rural women continued to work in the fields.

Addario has returned many times since to document both the country’s development and the toll of war, always training a close eye on women’s lives in all areas of Afghan society: culture, politics, education, employment, and domestic life. Much has changed—the same stadium where the Taliban performed public executions hosts political, social, and sporting events for both sexes—but Afghanistan remains a country where it is extremely difficult to photograph women because of cultural and societal taboos. Most need permission from a male relative.

The body of work in Veiled Rebellion is the result of Addario’s 2009 commission by National Geographic for a comprehensive photo essay depicting the many facets of women’s lives in Afghanistan.

Presented in partnership with Project&, an arts entity focused on cultural production with social impact. For more information, please visit project and.org. All works created by Lynsey Addario.

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