W. Joseph Mann

Board of Directors

Joe Mann is a United Methodist minister who has spent most of his professional life in work related to Duke University. After serving as a minister in Wilmington, he went to North Carolina State University as a campus minister. He left there after nine years to become the Director of Continuing Education at Duke Divinity School. There he designed and implemented learning opportunities for clergy. He then went to The Duke Endowment, where he worked for twenty years as a Director of the Rural Church Division. Retiring from The Duke Endowment, he returned to the Divinity School and served as a Director with Leadership Education at Duke Divinity. He has served as chair of the North Carolina Humanities Council, the N.C. Center for Nonprofits, and the North Carolina Council of Churches. He lives in Raleigh with his wife, Ann, who is a retired teacher and administrator from North Carolina State University.