Register for These Video-focused Spring 2020 Continuing Education Classes

A woman using a camera with a shoulder rig, the camera pointed ad a group of students around the table in a classroom.

The Center for Documentary Studies offers a wide variety of continuing education classes and workshops—CDS Courses—in documentary film/video, photography, audio, writing, and more. A timeline of Spring and Summer 2020 classes is available on the CDS Courses registration site. Duke community members receive a 10% discount off registration fees. The following Spring 2020 film-focused classes start soon.

3/14/2020—3/15/2020 Introduction to Documentary Video Field Production Workshop: This two-day workshop offers students the basic skills necessary to gather footage and negotiate technical problems in the field without compromising quality. More information and register.

3/16/2020—5/4/2020 Anytown, USA: Anytown, USA is an advanced seminar in which each student produces and edits an eight- to twelve-minute video on a topic of their choice based in an interesting small town, village, or community. More information and register.

3/19/2020—4/23/2020 Documentary film and the spectator’s activity with Keith Barber: Documentary film and the spectator's activity allows students to take a bold step into the world of film theory to fulfill their potential as storytellers. More information and register.

3/21/2020—3/21/2020 Documentary and the Three-Act Structure (Online and Onsite): This one-day class teaches how to use Hollywood story structure as a guide to making better documentaries. More information and register.