25 and Under: Fiction

Introduction by Robert Coles
Susan Ketchin
Neil Giordano

These stories—selected from an extensive nationwide search—offer a glimpse of our world through the eyes of fourteen American writers twenty-five years old and younger. They span a wide breadth of experiences, from the difficult legacy of the war in Vietnam to the mysteries of birth, death, sexuality, and marriage, and the sometimes redemptive power of suffering. Visceral, engaging, eminently readable, and memorable, these stories provide an inspiring preview of literary achievement to come.

Stories by Marie Argeris, Jason Brown, Judy Budnitz, Aaron Cohen, Lucy Hochman, Creston Lea, ZZ Packer, Ben Peskoe, and Dawn Karima Pettigrew, among others.

“This showcase of new authors is an exciting counterpoint to the more staid, seasoned annuals like O'Henry, Pushcart, and Best Short Stories.”
Library Journal

“These young writers combine vigorous storytelling with an ear for spoken language and an eye for apt detail. Above all, they bring a surprising maturity, and a lot of heart, to their finely wrought glimpses of the human condition.”
C. Michael Curtis, senior editor, The Atlantic Monthly

"25 and Under offers tantalizing promises of good things to come. Read these stories to meet the next generation, to be present as our youngest writers test their voices and begin to lay claim to their own literary territory."
Katrina Kenison, annual editor, The Best American Short Stories

“Each [of the authors in 25 and Under] puts a fresh spin on timeless topics like love and loss, despair and dreams. . . . This collection is easy to read and hard to put down.”
Seventeen magazine

25 and Under: Fiction
W.W. Norton and the Center for Documentary Studies
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