25 and Under/Photographers

Alice Rose George

Published in 1996, this is the first book in a series featuring photographs from people twenty-five years of age and younger. 25 and Under provides an illuminating and sometimes startling look at how a new generation of talented American photographers sees and interprets the world.

Photographs by Allen Richard Adon Jr., Amanda Faith Campbell, Reuben Cox, Tracey Chiang, Ken Fandell Heather Hogan, Eddy Joseph, Kate Lacey, Michael R. Lewis, Thom Lussier, Ruth Kendrick, Melinda Mary Maguire, Kora Manheimer, Malerie Marder, Brian David Miller, Brian T. Moriarty, Brad Richman, Dustin Schnell, Radislav Sinyak, Alex Tehrani, Shira Weinert, Justin Walsh, Carla Williams, Tai Lam Wong, and Jessica Wynne

A Los Angeles Times Book Review Best Book of the Year

"25 and Under . . . spotlights 25 promising young photographers under the quarter-century mark in a collection remarkable for its diversity and breadth of vision."
Los Angeles Times Book Review

“Children of the information age, these photographers are hyper-aware that everything has been photographed before. But looking at this series of pictures . . . a distinct aesthetic emerges, one that is familiar from movies and television. Like the current generation of independent filmmakers, these photographers have turned inward, to their immediate environments, shooting intimate, everyday images with wry distance and self-conscious kitsch. Objective reality is not the aim: whether portraying characters at a strip mall or at the local Motel 6, these pictures evoke more than they document, feeling raw and detached at the same time.”
New York Times Magazine

"The visual equivalent of contemporary first novels that manage to explore the writer's navel without losing the reader, the photographs in Twenty-Five and Under . . . document the Generation Y experience. The 25 greenhorns represented here, culled from across the nation, reveal a sensibility that combines the dreamy self-absorption of the young with the startling hypervigilance of the artist."
Time Out New York

"Forget David Bailey and Avedon, this book gives us a glimpse of the next generation of up-and-coming photographers . . . work from twenty-five extremely individual young photographers in an immediate and exciting approach, capturing the experience of living in America. Of course it is not only the U.S. which is under the microscope, but also the photographers themselves, and since they are from a wide range of cultural and ethnic backgrounds, we are given unique access to their lives and experiences."
East: The Voice of the East in Britain

25 and Under/Photographers
215 color and duotone photographs
W. W. Norton and DoubleTake Books of the Center for Documentary Studies
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