Local Heroes Changing America

Foreword by Ray Suarez
Tom Rankin

Photography and first-person narratives celebrate the remarkable people who, against staggering odds, are overcoming social, economic, and personal differences to improve their local communities and better people's lives. From volunteer crime patrols in Delray Beach, Florida, to marine conservation along the North Pacific Coast of Alaska, from migrant farm workers building homes in the Rio Grande Valley to youth empowerment on Chicago's Southwest Side, these encounters with real life and real people show us that we all have a role to play in our own communities. Each community represents examples of change, inviting reflection on our own values, beliefs, and commitment to the place we call home.

Bill Burke, Lynn Davis, Lauren Greenfield, Reagan Louie, Danny Lyon, Sylvia Plachy, and Eli Reed are among the world-renowned photographers who contributed to the book. The accompanying CD is narrated by the individuals featured in the book.

“In seeking wonderful places and people, we often believe real heroes are only found far from our own neighborhoods. Local Heroes corrects that too-typical fallacy.”
Fort Worth Morning Star Telegram, “Coffee Table Books Get Serious: Our Top 10”

“Most media reports focus on the bad things happening in American communities. An excellent antidote, this book and the accompanying CD highlight a number of community projects geared toward bringing people together to find solutions to problems. Stories from across the United States, from those spearheading and those who have been helped by these programs, are presented here as oral history.”
Library Journal

“As journalist Ray Suarez recognizes in his foreword, although the people and their communities may look unchanged, the confidence they exude as a result of their efforts is obvious even to the most casual observer.”
Publishers Weekly

Local Heroes Changing America
Color and duotone photographs throughout
W.W. Norton and Lyndhurst Books of the Center for Documentary Studies
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