Vietnam: A Book of Changes

Mitch Epstein

This compelling and poetic photographic odyssey reveals a complicated country few Americans have ever seen. This is not a document about the war, nor is it the pastoral idyll other photographers have shown us. Vietnam, through Epstein's eyes, is a sometimes disturbing and sometimes sublime portrait of a country's ongoing transformation.

"This is beautiful, authoritative work by an extremely intelligent and gifted photographer."
Susan Sontag

"One of the year's most engaging books . . . unflichingly vivid and honest.”
Andy Grundberg, The New York Times Book Review

“Epstein's color pictures from Vietnam are so flat-out beautiful they tend to overwhelm judgment. This is rich, engrossing work . . . one of the year's best books.”
The Village Voice

“A haunting sense of things hidden and never quite understood, a secret story behind the story. These are pictures meant to be read. . . .”
The Good Book Guide

Vietnam: A Book of Changes
80 color photographs
W. W. Norton and DoubleTake Books of the Center for Documentary Studies
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