CDS Books at the Center for Documentary Studies are works of creative exploration by writers and photographers who convey new ways of seeing and understanding human experience in all its diversity—books that tell stories, challenge our assumptions, awaken our social conscience, and connect life, learning, and art.


Documentary Arts and Culture with the University of North Carolina Press

In a time when the tools of documentary are becoming accessible to wider groups of people and universities are founding programs to teach theories and traditions in documentary studies, the Center for Documentary Studies and the University of North Carolina Press are joining together to publish a series of books that promote the practice of documentary expression. Drawing on the perspectives of contemporary documentary artists and writers, books in the series will offer new and important ways to think about learning and doing documentary work and help build a historical and theoretical base for the study and practice of documentary.

New Releases

Who We Are Now: Stories of What Americans Lost and Found during the COVID-19 Pandemic
O. N. Pruitt’s Possum Town: Photographing Trouble and Resilience in the American South
The Pretend Villages: Inside the U.S. Military Training Grounds
Run Home If You Don't Want to Be Killed: The Detroit Uprising of 1943
Road Through Midnight: A Civil Rights Memorial
The Historian's Eye: Photography, History, and the American Present
Where We Find Ourselves: The Photographs of Hugh Mangum, 1897–1922
Capturing the South: Imagining America's Most Documented Region by Scott L. Matthews

Full Catalogue

25 and Under: Fiction
Introduction by Robert Coles
El Salvador
Larry Towell, Introduction by Mark Danner
Helen Levitt: Mexico City
Introduction by James Oles
Old and on Their Own
Robert Coles, Photographs by Alex Harris and Thomas Roma
The Youngest Parents
Robert Coles, Photographs by Jocelyn Lee and John Moses
Found in Brooklyn
Thomas Roma, Introduction by Robert Coles