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The DEMAN logo in four colorsDEMAN (Duke Entertainment, Media & Arts Network) builds connections between alumni, students and faculty interested in creative industries through helpful humans, internships, job opportunities and events at Duke and beyond.

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Whether you’re a student or alum interested in internships, jobs, alumni outreach, and/or learning more about co-curricular and career resources, as well as academic programs at Duke, we are here to help you by scheduling one-on-one meetings with our team.

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Open 24/7, this is your one-stop-shop for resources to get you started on your path to crafting your career in the creative industries.

Who is DEMAN?

Discover the breadth of creative careers and hear advice from alumni in these profiles. We'd love to share alumni profiles featured on your website! Please email them to DEMAN@duke.edu. Do you know alumni interested in sharing their stories? Please share this link with them. Thanks!

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A two-semester creative lab and mentorship program providing students the opportunity to take their advanced, on-going creative projects to the next level. Students are matched with creative industry professionals (including Duke alumni) for one-on-one mentorship that kicks off on DEMAN Weekend.
Applications will open in early fall.

CASTs (Creative Arts Student Teams)

This paid work opportunity serves the Ruby and arts initiatives across campus in way that empowers individual CASTs to “own” their projects, provides meaningful professional development opportunities in arts administration, and fosters a sense of community among the CAST class. Learn more about CAST member roles.

Learn more at arts.duke.edu/DEMAN | #DukeDEMAN

Questions? DEMAN@duke.edu