Contacting CDS Undergraduates with Opportunities

CDS frequently receives inquiries about forwarding news of opportunities—for intern, freelance, and full-time work in the documentary arts, as well as news about special workshops, meet-ups, and activities. We have established a listserv ("DOCSTUDIES-OPPS") for interested students to sign-up to receive these notices.

If you have relevant news to forward to this listserve, please send an e-mail to with these details:

(sample) Subject Line:

Opportunity to Create Documentary with XYZ (indicate paid or unpaid)

Body of E-mail:

One-Sentence Summary of Opportunity
Salary/Stipend: (indicate whether paid or unpaid)
Time Frame: (indicate approximate time frame and duration of opportunity)
Contact Information: (indicate name, e-mail/phone number of point-of-contact)
Further Summary: (include further information as you wish)

Multiple requests are forwarded each week and often students do not respond, especially to unpaid opportunities. Most requests do not fit the timeline or content area of students’ assignments for their CDS coursework, which is usually their primary focus.

CDS would like to encourage you or someone from your organization to consider enrolling in Continuing Education classes at CDS, which are wonderful and affordable ways to learn the skills necessary to produce one’s own documentary.

Please note:

  • CDS will send out opportunities only once to the listserve
  • Students will need to contact you directly if interested rather than route responses through CDS
  • CDS can typically forward opportunities 1–2 weeks after receiving them, owing to the volume of requests
  • CDS cannot typically forward requests over university breaks or over the summer
  • CDS reserves the right to not forward specific requests