Advanced Multimedia Production

Course Number: 
DOCST 369S.01
Course Instructor: 
Robert Mataxis
Amy Unell
Perkins LINK 065 (Classroom 2)
Days and Times: 
M 3:05 p.m.–5:35 p.m.
Course Category: 
Course Type: 
VMS 369S
AMI 369S
I&E 369S

Advanced production seminar encourages creativity, innovation, and collaboration. Two-person student teams pitch stories, film interviews and b-roll, write scripts, and edit feature stories (under 3 minutes) about innovators and entrepreneurs at Duke and in the Triangle community. Discussions with diverse group of guest speakers, including a variety of entrepreneurs and media professionals, who will provide valuable mentoring, reflection, and career opportunities for students. Students develop a professional portfolio. Prerequisite: PJMS 365S or prior experience in multimedia production is required. Instructor consent required.