Archiving and Visualizing Asia

Course Number: 
DOCST 476S.01
Course Instructor: 
Nayoung Aimee Kwon
Perkins LINK 085
Days and Times: 
TuTh 1:25 p.,. - 2:40 p.m.
Course Category: 
Special Topics
Course Type: 
AMES 476S.01
ICS 411S.01
AMI 476S.01
LIT 476S.01
VMS 476S.01

Engages students in the practices and theories of archiving, documenting and curating marginal histories. Hands-on research in the archives of Duke's Rubenstein Special Collections and elsewhere. Examines histories of movements and encounters between the "West" and "Asia." Teaches original archival research and documentary methods through guided excavations in digital, audiovisual, and material resources. Directed readings and special guest lectures guide students on how to think critically on the theories and praxis of knowledge production, collection, documentation, circulation, and consumption. Students curate projects for final research assignment.