Documentary and Policy: How Documentary Influences Policy


Examines documentaries as catalysts for change in local, state, and federal laws and regulations, with special attention to relationships between film and organizations with political influence. Looks at how documentaries have altered public sentiment and political outcomes. Uses case studies of documentary films (essay-style, journalistic, information-driven films; narrative, story-driven films; propaganda; art films; and hybrids of all of the above). Explores the question of how a film achieves influence: for example, with a high-profile theatrical and/or television release, by utilization as an educational tool, or by 'going viral' to become part of a public conversation.
Curriculum Codes
  • ALP
Cross-Listed As
  • CINE 207S
  • I&E 272S
  • PUBPOL 228S
  • VMS 386S
Typically Offered
Fall Only