The Documentary Turn

Course Number: 
DOCST 365S / 765S
Course Instructor: 
Wesley Hogan
CDS, Bridges 113
Days and Times: 
Tu 3:20 p.m.–5:50 p.m.
Course Category: 
Special Topics
Course Type: 
AMI 365S
VMS 365S

Traces the convergence of traditional 20th c. documentary narrative (oral history, photography, film, and ethnography) with emergent 21st c. technologies (digital platforms, crowd-sourced communications, viral information) that expand and test definitions of documentary practice. Course looks for unexpected outcomes and future possibilities at the intersections of analog and digital practice. Focus is on the cultures of the American South with an understanding of that region as mapped within a global imaginary. Requirements include experimental documentary project that combines storytelling (visual/literary), performance (theater/dance/music) or investigative research (oral/archival).