First Year Seminar: The Photographic Essay

Course Number: 
DOCST 089S.01
Course Instructor: 
Bill Bamberger
Smith Warehouse Bay 12, Room 228
Days and Times: 
Tu 10:05 a.m.–12:35 p.m.
Course Category: 
Course Type: 
VMS 89S.01

This seminar teaches the language of photography through the study of classic and contemporary photographic essays and through the completion of assigned photographic essays by the students themselves. Students will learn to make, choose, sequence, and pace their own images for class discussion and for digital projection. During the semester students will complete three assigned photographic essays of at least ten images each. Each essay will be on a particular theme or subject to be announced. Each student’s final project (or fourth essay) will consist of a compilation photographic essay of at least twenty images combining work from all three assignments.