DocX Archive Lab Fellows

Seven artists were selected as fellows for the Center for Documentary Studies’ virtual DocX Archive Lab, How Are We Known: Reimagining, Repurposing, and Rewriting the Archive—Jen Everett, Tatiana Garnett, Beatriz Guzman Velasquez, Arlene Mejorado, Allison Minto, Devon Vonnie Smith, and Xiaolu Wang (more information below). From September 24, 2021–May 15, 2022, the fellows will create and explore with lead and guest artists, imagining non-extractive practices by interrogating what it means to listen and hear community, and themselves; weighing their embodied and situated knowledge; and troubling matters of address and agency.  

The DocX Archive Lab is a project of CDS’s DocX initiative supporting BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, people of color) artists, curators, and thought leaders working across the nonfiction landscape.

Photo of Jen Everett.

Jen Everett

2021–22 DocX Archive Lab Fellow

Jen Everett, currently based in Saint Louis, Missouri, is an artist from Southfield, Michigan. She received an MFA from Washington University in St.

Photo of Tatiana Garnett.

Tatiana Garnett

2021–22 DocX Archive Lab Fellow

Tatiana Garnett is a recent graduate of Occidental College, where she studied Media Arts &  Culture with an emphasis in film production.

Photo of Beatriz Guzman Velasquez.

Beatriz Guzman Velasquez

2021–22 DocX Archive Lab Fellow

Beatriz Guzman Velasquez was born in Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico, and raised in Texas in the U.S.–Mexico border region.

Photo of Arlene Mejorado.

Arlene Mejorado

2021–22 DocX Archive Lab Fellow

​​Arlene Mejorado is a first-generation, transnational lens-based artist from Los Angeles, California, working with analog and digital photography, video, and installations.

Photo of Allison Minto.

Allison Minto

2021–22 DocX Archive Lab Fellow

Allison Minto, a Connecticut-based artist and educator, holds an MFA in Photography from the Yale School of Art and a BA in Journalism from SUNY–Buffalo State College.

Photo of Devon Vonnie Smith.

Devon Vonnie Smith

2021–22 DocX Archive Lab Fellow

Devon Vonnie Smith, who was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is an interdisciplinary documentary artist currently living and working in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina.

Photo of Xiaolu Wang.

Xiaolu Wang

2021–22 DocX Archive Lab Fellow

Xiaolu Wang (she/they) is an emerging documentary filmmaker and a translator from the Hui Muslim Autonomous Region of China who currently lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota.