Screen/Society--The Visible Spectrum--Program 4: "Image Control"

Tuesday, September 25, 2018 - 7:00pm to 8:30pm

Film Screening Program: "Image Control"

In this collection of works that address politics, social movements and personal histories, the image - photographs, symbols, archival materials, propaganda videos - is deconstructed and examined to understand its limits, controlling influences and symbolic power. When representations of reality can be used to liberate, but also reproduce violence, control the body and foreclose the making of meaning, what artistic interventions are necessary, how do we confront the image? Each of these works offers formal propositions for what a reflexive documentary image can be.

Full Program:

-- "Ayhan and Me" (belit sag, 2016, 15 min, Netherlands/Turkey)
-- "Dislocation Blues" (Sky Hopinka, 2017, 17 min, US)
-- "I Have Sinned a Rapturous Sin" (Maryam Tafakory, 2018, 9 min, UK/Iran)
-- "Behemoth: Or the Game of God" (Lemohang Jeremiah Mosese, 2015, 12 min, Lesotho/Germany)
-- "With History in a Room Filled With People With Funny Names 4" (Korakrit Arunanondchai, 2018, 24 min, US/Thailand)
-- "The Citizens" (Kevin Jerome Everson, 2009, 6 min, US)

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Rubenstein Arts Center, Film Theater
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Okazaki, Hank
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