Visionary Aponte | FSP@PPG: Incarceration and the Future of Black Freedom

Thursday, October 4, 2018 - 12:00pm to 1:15pm

Lunchtime panel discussion with local artists, activists, and scholars. Panelists include Omisade Burney-Scott, Lynden Harris, Duke Law's Theresa Newman, Tarish Pipkins, and Sherrill Roland, the new Post-MFA Fellow in the Documentary Arts at the Center for Documentary Studies. Light lunch served.

----- INFO & EVENTS: ----- This event is part of Visionary Aponte: Art & Black Freedom, a nine-week art exhibit and accompanying series of conversations, screenings, performances, residencies, and workshops at Duke University organized by the Power Plant Gallery—a joint initiative of the Center for Documentary Studies and the MFA in Experimental and Documentary Arts—and the Forum for Scholars and Publics. The exhibit is curated by Édouard Duval-Carrié and Ada Ferrer and is based on the digital humanities project Digital Aponte at The Visionary Aponte exhibit will be on view at the Power Plant Gallery on the American Tobacco Campus from September 19, 2018, to November 17, 2018.

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Omisade Burney-Scott, Lynden Harris, Theresa Newman, Tarish Pipkins & Sherrill Roland
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American Tobacco Campus - Power Plant: Power Plant Gallery
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Kelly, Caitlin
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Visionary Aponte