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The Pretend Villages,” a New Photobook by CDS Undergrad Ed Director Chris Sims, Featured in German GQ, Major Munich and Lisbon Papers

The cover for The Pretend Villages

"I reached out to Chris [Everett, producer and director of Wilmington on Fire 2] after I had seen [Wilmington on Fire] and a number of actor friends from the Wilmington [North Carolina] area told me that I had to watch this..." (Read More)

A photo of Chris Everett

Released on Juneteenth, North Carolina Poet Laureate Jaki Shelton Green's new album of poetry, The River Speaks of Thirst, features archetypal imagery and resonant elocutions, invoking the history of Black oppression as well as the US's current societal and political climate calling for ex

A graphic featuring the title The River Speaks of Thirst