Andrea Patiño Contreras: Stories of Lynn, 2012-2013

Andrea Patiño Contreras


Introduction by Andrea Patiño Contreras

As a Hine Fellow, I arrived to Lynn, MA to collaborate with Raw Art Works documenting one of their signature programs: RAW Chiefs. Through this initiative, teenagers are trained to become leaders in their community and mentor and teach leadership to younger kids. While living in Lynn, I quickly became fascinated by the city's extraordinary diversity. Almost 30 percent of Lynn's population is foreign born, a much higher number than the national figure, making Lynn one of the most international cities in the country. I was immediately intrigued by this fact and by the idea that the popular narrative about Lynn often lacks that portion of the story. I decided to investigate further and document some of the personal stories of immigrants and refugees who have arrived to Lynn in the past few years. Their voices give us an insight into the challenges, and sometimes the joys, of leaving one's home – both willingly and not – and hopefully humanize an issue that is often portrayed by statistics and negative stereotypes.

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Andrea Patiño Contreras

Andrea Patiño Contreras

Lewis Hine Documentary Fellow 2012-2013

Andrea Patiño Contreras, a native from Bogota, Colombia, graduated from Duke University with a B.A. in cultural anthropology and a certificate in policy journalism. While at Duke, Andrea became deeply fascinated by photography, both as a practice and as a theoretical subject.