Brittany Barbee

2019–21 Documentary Arts and Media Intern, 2018–19 Emerging Documentary Artist, Documentary Diversity Project

Brittany was born and raised in Durham, North Carolina. She is a lover of all forms of art. The motto she stands by is, “Anything arts is who I am, and anything arts is who I’ll always be.” She is a self- taught musician. At the age of nine, music sparked her interest, specifically percussion. At fourteen, she was introduced to a percussion class. “Being the only one who didn’t know how to read music, I was forced to learn how, and fast,” she writes.

Other passions include reading, writing, and more recently, photography. She believes in capturing the raw emotions of her subjects. “I love to photograph not only the smiles but pain as well. By doing so, it is authentic and better preserved.” Brittany hopes to accomplish activism work through photography, create relationships through music, and learn more about her craft.

A shoulders-up picture of Brittany Barbee in front of an orange background.