Haillee Mason

2019–20 Emerging Documentary Artist, Documentary Diversity Project

Haillee Mason is a critical thinker and creator who is enchanted by the power of vulnerability and intimacy that is inherent to Black diasporic life. Her work, animated by the mosaic of her identities—Afrolatina, Afrocaribbean, and Southern—is a testament to the multitudes of layer and texture present in and necessary to blackness.  Haillee, originally from a small tucked-away town named Fuquay Varina, says, “It is true that my community is Black, Southern, diasporic, Spanish-speaking, Patois-speaking, queer, vibrant, and undying, and I want my folks to feel seen. Through writing, photography, and other mediums, I hope to create art that honors and illuminates the many iterations of blackness, as it exists. My art is a love note to my people.”  

An image of Haillee Mason