Liz Phillips

Communications Director


1317 W. Pettigrew St. L204


(919) 660-3668


Elizabeth (Liz) Phillips is communications director at the Center for Documentary Studies. This is her second stint at CDS; in 1993, while working as a writer/editor at a government-issue government job in D.C., a friend told her about a new magazine starting up at a place called the Center for Documentary Studies. Liz returned home to North Carolina (Chapel Hill native/UNC alum) and started at DoubleTake magazine as a volunteer. She left as managing editor five years later when she relocated to Boston—there, she worked at Body & Soul magazine, a national bimonthly that was acquired by Martha Stewart during Liz’s seven years at the publication as managing editor and, later, executive editor. And then, a life interlude: In 2006, in pursuit of a longstanding fascination, Liz took woodworking classes at a century-old trade school in Boston and ended up spending a year at the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in Camden, Maine. She returned to Boston and spent two years repairing and building furniture before returning home to North Carolina again, and landing a job at the Center for Documentary Studies again. Liz lives in a sweet old house in Durham with her wife and young daughter, and wields tools when she can.

Liz Phillips