Robert Pluma

CDS Courses Instructor

Robert Pluma is a multidisciplinary artist, documentarian, and creative technologist dedicated to creating intimate, sensitive work to confront inequity and challenge power. He works to generate shifts in perspective, examine our capacity for empathy, re-center the outliers, and corrode barriers resisting our will to act. Robert’s practice extends beyond traditional media, reaching deeper into our physical world. He uses any means necessary to communicate ideas: photographs, moving images, written words, augmented reality, field recordings, ambient soundscapes, mixed-media sculpture, and electro-mechanical installations.

Robert is a Coahuiltecan, Tejano, and Mexican-American Indigenous Futurist. He lives in Brooklyn, New York. He is a Magnum Foundation Grantee, FOTODEMIC grantee, and Tow Knight Scholar whose work has been featured in exhibitions, film, print, broadcast, and digital media.

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