Ruxandra Guidi

2018 Susan Tifft Fellow

2018 Susan Tifft Fellow Ruxandra Guidi, a native of Caracas, Venezuela, tells stories through radio, photography, multimedia, the printed word, and public installations and events. In Guidi’s public presentation at CDS, “Despacito (Slowing Down): Socially Engaged Documentaries in Sound and on Site,” she gave an overview of her career and explored the question: from subject to audience, how do storytellers move beyond a singular voice?

"Whether we find narratives at home or abroad, our audience is often an afterthought in the creative process, and frequently, it is homogeneous: white, college-educated, and often, online," Guidi said. After more than a decade working as a public radio journalist focused on Latin America and the U.S.–Mexico border, she slowed down her approach in search of a deeper human connection, more opportunities for collaboration, and more inclusive methods of sharing her work. From her series focused on an indigenous community in Panama to a year-long exploration of the lives of older adults in Los Angeles, Guidi offered some insights on what it takes to tell nuanced community-driven stories, and how the storytellers of today have a responsibility to challenge prevailing narratives.

Ruxandra Guidi has worked as a reporter, editor, and producer for NPR's Latino USA, the BBC's The World, the Fronteras Desk, and has covered KPCC Public Radio's Immigration and Emerging Communities beat in Los Angeles. She also collaborates on extended documentary projects with photographer Bear Guerra under the name Fonografia Collective. They recently finished work on the yearlong multimedia storytelling series Going Gray in LA with public radio station KCRW in Los Angeles, and are currently developing a storytelling project around the site of a future park on the Los Angeles River with Clockshop, a local arts organization, and California State Parks. 

Listen to an interview with Ruxandra Guidi on WUNC radio’s The State of Things.

A black and white headshot of Ruxandra Guidi