Saba Taj

CDS Courses Instructor, 2019– ; Post-MFA Fellow in the Documentary Arts

Saba Taj is a visual artist based in Durham, North Carolina, whose work—inspired by Islamic stories, sci-fi, and revolution—explores representation, the gaze, queerness, and the body. Their work employs interdisciplinary practices including mixed-media drawing, painting and collage, sewing, and performance. Through these techniques, Saba seeks to celebrate subjects who are often characterized as monstrous, highlighting their hybridity and liminality as an embodied resistance to subjugation. Saba was the 2019–2020 Post-MFA Fellow for the Documentary Diversity Project at the Center for Documentary Studies, former executive director of The Carrack Modern Art, Southern Constellations Fellow at Elsewhere Museum, and featured speaker at TEDxDuke in 2017.

A Photo of Saba Taj by Samra Habib