Serges Himbaza

Board of Directors

Serges Himbaza is a technology and media entrepreneur. He is the founder and managing partner of POPULUS, a business and technology consulting company that helps its client-partners leverage data to increase their impact. Himbaza also serves as the managing partner of POPULUS Labs, a startup studio and venture capital fund that identifies promising founders and develops innovative B2B software companies.

He studied economics at Duke University, where he served as president of Duke's record label, Small Town Records, and went on to study at UCLA’s business and management of entertainment program. He has served as the treasurer of the Dallas Film Alliance, where he helped the organization transition into a nonprofit. Himbaza actively produces feature films and documentary projects that help share untold and underrepresented stories. 

As a refugee from the Rwandan genocide, he has experienced firsthand the power of storytelling. For him, both the collaborative journey of telling stories and the stories themselves encompass the ritual of transformation through empathy. This process of collective evolution through meaningful work and meaningful relationships is his universal goal. 

Outside of work, Himbaza enjoys making Spotify playlists, hiking through the Southwest, shopping for discounted quarter-zip sweaters, and actively pursuing the title of "Uncle of the Year" with his nieces and nephews.

A photo of Serges Himbaza