Steven Cheek

2018–19 Emerging Documentary Artist, Documentary Diversity Project

Steven describes some of his skills and interests: “I love to cook a lot of foods that I believe most people my age don’t know how to cook. My food is southern and unique, and I use a lot of different ingredients.” For him, much of the joy in cooking comes from people’s reactions when he shares his food.

He also enjoys drawing original designs for women’s dresses. “Color is important to me, and my goal is to choose colors and designs that make people think. It can be difficult determining what colors to choose and where to put them. Sometimes I like my ideas and sometimes I don’t.”

What he loves most is writing books, he says. “Most are based on my childhood. I have a lot to write. Some are just titles right now, but I’m working on fifteen total, including three new ones that touch on some things in my present life.“

A shoulders-up picture of Steven Cheek in front of an orange background.