Gravity Is Stronger Here

“I am a fellow American seeker who holds up a camera, a double-sided mirror,with the hope that everyone involved, subject and photographer alike, gains a deeper understanding of who we collectively are.”—Phyllis B. Dooney

“This is an American city, with American dreams, phantom towboats still lugging spice / & merchandise up the big stream. . . . Honeysuckle pours and drips all over this land.”—From “Commerce,” Jardine Libaire

A collaboration between photographer Phyllis B. Dooney and poet Jardine Libaire, Gravity Is Stronger Here is their documentary project about “looking for America in America.” Jardine and Phyllis—a 2018 graduate of the MFA in Experimental & Documentary Arts program at Duke—were awarded an honorable mention in CDS’s 2016 Dorothea Lange–Paul Taylor Prize competition for the project, which focuses on one dynamic Southern family. Gravity Is Stronger Here was published by Kehrer Verlag in 2017. Experience their work on CDS Shortwave, an experiment in new approaches to nonfiction storytelling from the Center for Documentary Studies. 

CDS Shortwave Spotlight: Jardine Libaire and Phyllis B. Dooney