A Reading from One With Others

“This is not a work of history. It is a report full of holes, a little commemorative edition, and it aspires to the borrowed-tuxedo lining of fiction. In the end, it is a welter of associations.”

Documentary is rooted in the experiences of real people, the recording of actual occurrences—but does this mean it is not the province of imaginary constructions? As a panelist at CDS’s twenty-fifth anniversary celebration and forum—Documentary 2015: Origins & Inventions—C.D. Wright gave a reading from her poetry collection One With Others: [a little book of her days] in answer to that question. C.D. was ideal for the panel “True Stories: Facts and Fictions,” which also featured writers Randall Kenan, Phillip Lopate, and Jill McCorkle. In One With Others, she interweaves oral histories, hymns, lists, interviews, newspaper accounts, and personal memories, particularly those of one woman, her subject.

CDS Shortwave Spotlight: C.D. Wright