Seeing the World in a Different Way

I [came] into this course, thinking . . . it was very much about photographing. But what the whole year turned into for me was really about meeting people and relating to people. Trying to come in as an outsider to a world that is totally unfamiliar and [figuring out] how you carry yourself in that world.”—Marco Werman

Marco Werman, journalist and host of the acclaimed Public Radio International show The World, was a Duke University student in the early ’80s enrolled in CDS co-founder and professor Alex Harris’s American Communities class. As part of his coursework, Werman documented the family of Dale Shepherd—a young man Werman met at a laundromat near Duke's East Campus—through a series of photographs and nonfiction writing. More than thirty years later, Harris sat down with Werman at Duke’s Forum for Scholars and Publics to explore, among other things, how that experience shaped Werman’s current approach to telling other people’s stories. Presented here is Werman’s final project for the course.

CDS Shortwave Spotlight: Marco Werman and Alex Harris