“My photographs are of the world but not documents. They come as visions and demand my attention. As a photographer I must take them. They insist. . . . I will talk here and there, and I hope the photographs will speak to you as they speak to me.”

Photographs capture moments in time, portray juxtapositions in space. Yet what they convey is neither static nor literal. They can reveal things we fail to notice in our daily lives, even as they comment on what we have lived through, and further, evoke things we cannot see—unexpected connections and revelations. Sylvia Plachy presented and narrated a selection of her images as part of the panel “In Place: Hidden Histories of Our Lives” at Documentary 2015: Origins & Inventions, CDS’s 25th anniversary celebration and forum. As Sylvia said, “My photographs are my friends, and I put them together in a way that they talk to each other and make friends with each other. . . . That’s the Lower East Side. That’s a lady who was turning a hundred years old the next day. That’s in Naples. . . . That’s my son. He found his shadow when we were walking around. Sometimes you find your shadow.”

CDS Shortwave Spotlight: Sylvia Plachy