Emerging Documentary Artists

Emerging Documentary Artists, part of CDS’s Documentary Diversity Project (DDP), are local young people, ages 18 to 24, from groups underrepresented in the documentary field—including Black, Latinx, Native American (American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian), Asian or Asian American, Pacific Islander, Puerto Rican, and Middle Eastern/North African.

These young artists, selected from applicants who at the time were not in school or employed full-time) are in full-time eighteen-month residencies at CDS and are paid a living wage with health benefits. They have access to Duke University and CDS resources and programs as well as one-on-one mentoring with a variety of successful documentary makers, educators, and other professionals. Emerging Documentary Artists work alongside CDS faculty, staff, and artists to explore and develop their skills in audio, photography, writing, film, and/or other documentary mediums. They participate in program activities (workshops, conferences, classes, trips, etc.) to further develop and encourage community connections and their own artistic voices, while planning and working on their documentary arts projects and interacting with local and national mentors. These artists will mentor and engage with younger or otherwise less experienced documentarians, including those participating in other CDS programming and the incoming cohort of emerging artists; present their projects to the larger community; and receive support as they plan for their next steps (within the documentary arts or otherwise).

A photo of Greg standing in front of a graffiti wall, with a camera held up to his face.

Greg Weaver II

Emerging Documentary Artist, Documentary Diversity Project

Greg is a skateboarder, photographer, and writer.

A shoulders-up picture of Paul Newman in front of an orange background.

Paul A. Newman Jr.

Emerging Documentary Artist, Documentary Diversity Project

Paul is a Connecticut-born, North Carolina–bred artist.

A shoulders-up picture of Steven Cheek in front of an orange background.

Steven Cheek

Emerging Documentary Artist, Documentary Diversity Project

Steven describes some of his skills and interests: “I love to cook a lot of foods that I believe most people my age don’t know how to cook.

A shoulders-up picture of Brittany Barbee in front of an orange background.

Brittany Barbee

Emerging Documentary Artist, Documentary Diversity Project

Brittany was born and raised in Durham, North Carolina. She is a lover of all forms of art. The motto she stands by is, “Anything arts is who I am, and anything arts is who I’ll always be.” She is a self- taught musician. At the age of nine, music sparked her interest, specifically percussion.