Post-MFA Fellowship

Post-MFA Fellows in the Documentary Arts, part of CDS’s Documentary Diversity Project (DDP), are artists from groups underrepresented in the documentary field—including Black, Latinx, Native American (American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian), Asian or Asian American, Pacific Islander, Puerto Rican, and Middle Eastern/North African.

Fellows receive a generous stipend and health benefits during ten-month residencies, where they can refine and significantly enhance a portfolio and CV of documentary work. They have access to Duke University and CDS resources and programs as well as one-on-one mentoring with a variety of successful documentary makers, educators, and other professionals. Fellows also have the option of (co-)teaching a course during the spring semester of their term. These artists are expected to spend at least 70 percent of their time in residence at CDS, mentor and engage with other members of the DDP cohort—Emerging Documentary Artists—and present work produced during the appointment through an exhibition, performance, reading, and/or artist’s or author’s talk.

Associated People

Tamika Galanis

Tamika Galanis

2017–18 Post-MFA Fellow in the Documentary Arts

Tamika Galanis is a documentarian and multimedia visual artist. A Bahamian native, Galanis's work examines the complexities of living in a place shrouded in tourism’s ideal during the age of climate concerns. Her photography-based practice includes traditional documentary work and new media abstractions of written, oral, and archival histories.