Scene on Radio Podcast

In 2015, CDS audio director John Biewen launched the Scene on Radio podcast, which goes out of the studio and into the field to “explore human experience and the society we’re making for ourselves in America,” Biewen says. Scene on Radio features audio work made at CDS—his own new stories, the best pieces by his students, and an occasional gem from the archives.

Season 2 of Scene on Radio featured the 14-part series "Seeing White," which was nominated for a Peabody award.

Season 3 of the Scene on Radio podcast—MEN—launched July 11, 2018; episodes will post every other Wednesday. The podcast’s producer, CDS audio director John Biewen, describes the upcoming season: “Co-host Celeste Headlee and I will take a similar approach to the Seeing White series, which explored the history and meaning of whiteness. With MEN, we’ll be asking questions like, What’s up with this male-dominated world? Is male supremacy inevitable? How did we get sexism/patriarchy/misogyny, and what can we do about it?”

Scene on Radio episodes are posted every other Wednesday. Subscribe on the podcast website, and follow Scene on Radio on social media: @SceneOnRadio.

Scene on Radio Episodes

A photo of an old camera set up on a tripod in front of an old house

Witness, Evidence, and Documentary Art

“This thing we call documentary and this thing we call invention are universal impulses to see, to create, a happening—what we try to do here I think is not so much ‘take’ [photographs] but craft...

A photo from Gravity is Stronger Here

Gravity Is Stronger Here

“I am a fellow American seeker who holds up a camera, a double-sided mirror,with the hope that everyone involved, subject and photographer alike, gains a deeper understanding of who we collectively...

Art by Mara Guevarra

The End of Male Supremacy? (MEN, Part 12)

In our Season Three finale, co-hosts Celeste Headlee and John Biewen talk about where American culture goes from here, sexism-wise. And we hear from scholar Melvin Konner, who argues that we are in...

Art by Mara Guevarra

Domination (MEN, Part 11)

Host John Biewen dips into the world of sports talk radio, where guys talk not just about sports but also about how to be a man in twenty-first-century America. What John finds is more complicated...

Art by Mara Guevarra

The Juggernaut (MEN, Part 10)

Writer Ben James and his wife Oona are raising their sons in a progressive and “queer-friendly” New England town. They actively encourage the boys to be themselves, never mind those traditional...

Art by Mara Guevarra

Be Like You (MEN, Part 9)

Lewis Wallace, female-assigned at birth, wanted to transition in the direction of maleness—in some ways. He shifted his pronouns, had surgery, starting taking testosterone. None of that meant he...

Art by Mara Guevarra

American Made (MEN, Part 8)

American history—law, economics, culture—has built different notions of masculinity (and femininity) for people of varying races and ethnicities.  A trip through a century of pop culture and the...

Art by Mara Guevarra

Himpathy (MEN, Part 7)

Several years after Janey was sexually assaulted by her former boyfriend, Mathew, she told some of her closest friends, and her mother, what Mathew had done. Janey was so troubled by her loved ones’...

Art by Mara Guevarra

Warriors (MEN, Part 6)

Do nations fight wars because men are naturally violent? Or do societies condition men to embrace violence so they’ll fight the nation’s wars? Along with co-hosts John Biewen and Celeste Headlee,...

Illustrations of objects mentioned in the episode.

More Than Paper Cuts (MEN, Part 5)

The #MeToo Movement has shed a harsh light on sexual harassment in the workplace. Just how bad, and how pervasive, is sexism on the job in the U.S., from day-to-day expressions of disrespect all the...