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The Center for Documentary Studies maintains a weekly email newsletter to update our community on events, exhibits, classes, and other programming. See the most recent email newsletters.

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The Center for Documentary Studies also manages two Duke-based mailing lists:

1. DOCST-announcements: a low-frequency announcement list for students taking classes or pursuing an undergraduate certificate in documentary arts.

2. DOCSTUDIES-opps: a list disseminating opportunities for intern, freelance, and full-time work in the documentary arts, as well as news about special workshops, meet-ups, and activities, with a focus on Duke and the Triangle region.

To subscribe to either of these lists, Send an email to 'sympa@duke.edu' from the email address you wish to be subscribed.

In the subject line of your message, type in: subscribe nameofthelist Firstname Name (replace 'nameofthelist' by the name of the list you want to subscribe to and indicate your own first name and name). Leave the message body blank.

You can also subscribe through the web interface at lists.duke.edu.

Full Frame Email Lists

The Full Frame Documentary Film Festival also maintains email lists.

Festival Updates is a weekly newsletter with information about the four-day festival held annually in April as well as year-round programming.

Local Updates is a newsletter that varies in frequency and contains news about Full Frame events happening in Durham and around the Triangle.

You can subscribe to those lists here.