Julia Harper Day Award for Documentary Studies

Josephine Vonk smiling, wearing ski goggles and winter clothing against a snowy backdrop.
A self-portrait by Josephine Vonk, 2023 award winner

The Julia Harper Day Award for Documentary Studies was created in 1992 in memory of the young woman who was CDS’s first staff member and a photographer and writer of real accomplishment. This annual award of $500 recognizes a graduating Duke senior who has demonstrated excellence in documentary studies and has significantly contributed to CDS programs and is given at the Trinity College Arts Award Ceremony during Commencement Weekend. Almost without exception, students who have won the award have been associated with CDS for three or four years during their time as undergraduates, and many of them have continued their association with CDS well past their tenure.


  • 2024: Staci Grimes (Bronx, New York)
  • 2023: Josephine Vonk (Houston, Texas)
  • 2022: Sierra Winters (Yadkinville, North Carolina)
  • 2021: CJ Cruz (Jacksonville, Florida)
  • 2020: James Robinson (Portland, Maine)
  • 2019: Sini Nina Chen (Hangzhou, China)
  • 2018: Evan Bell (Columbia, Maryland)
  • 2017: Christopher White (Sharpsburg, Georgia)
  • 2016: Katie Jane Fernelius (Fort Collins, Colorado)
  • 2015: Lauren Henschel (Miami, Florida)
  • 2014: David Mayer (Durham, North Carolina)
  • 2013: Hannah Scott (Georgetown, Ohio)
  • 2012: Logan Hasson (Cheshire, Connecticut)
  • 2011: Sarah Goetz (Charlotte, North Carolina)
  • 2010: Kevin Tolson (Baltimore, Maryland)
  • 2009: Dan Garrison (Langhorne, Pennsylvania)
  • 2008: Megan Moskop (Greenville, North Carolina) and Jessica Silver (Bellaire, Texas)
  • 2007: Rebekah Fergusson (Charlotte, North Carolina)
  • 2006: Seema Kakad (Charlotte, North Carolina) and Christy Scheller (Milton, Florida)
  • 2005: Chris Paul (Chapel Hill, North Carolina)
  • 2004: Libby Conn (Lawrence, Kansas)
  • 2003: Emily Fishkin (Huntersville, North Carolina)
  • 2002: Julie Norman (Springfield, Virginia)
  • 2001: Sarah K. Chasnovitz (Cary, North Carolina)
  • 2000: Catherine Hart Waters (St. Joseph, Louisiana)
  • 1999: Marcy Levy (Great Neck, New York) and Keisha Roberts (Raleigh, North Carolina)
  • 1998: Julie Zwibelman (St. Louis, Missouri)
  • 1997: Jessica Clark Taudte (Sarasota, Florida)
  • 1996: Jamie Bronner (Highland Park, Illinois)
  • 1995: Christopher Sims (Roswell, Georgia)
  • 1994: Heather Ainsworth (Haverford, Pennsylvania)
  • 1993: Jenny E. Carroll (Corpus Christi, Texas)
  • 1992: Eric Jones (Hilton, New York)